Zurich IP Retreat 2019 –Nationalism vs. Globalization in IP

After focusing on "Patents and Hindsight" (2017) and "Injunctions at a Junction?" (2018), this year’s Zurich IP Retreat will again assemble opinion leaders from all over the world, including judges, academics, government officials, litigators, patent attorneys, and in-house counsels, to discuss a central topic of the intellectual property system of our time. 

Harmonization of intellectual property systems has been at the core of international IP law for over 130 years. Outside the IP system, the trend towards globalization has faced serious backlash in recent years. The rise of nationalism around the globe, the weakening of international organizations and multilateral systems, the increasing risk of trade wars, and the growing focus on "national champions" will not leave the international IP system unaffected. This year's Zurich IP Retreat assesses the impact these opposing trends will have on the current IP system.

Friday, 13rd September 2019

You may please note that the number of participants is limited.

The Zurich IP Retreat offers a limited number of slots to current PhD students at a reduced fee of CHF 100. Interested PhD student should send a short application (explaining the motivation to attend and including a CV) to info@ingres.ch by 15th June 2019. Applicants will be informed by 5th July 2019.